How can I help you

My clients fall into one of these 2 scenarios:

Scenario #1:

an illustration suggesting marketing consulting services

The main thing I do is marketing consulting.

It’s similar to getting checked by a doctor:

  • You go to the doctor with a problem
  • The doctor asks you questions
  • Then based on your particular situation, he prescribes a treatment

In my case, clients ask me questions related to their marketing problems.

Then, I „prescribe” different ways they can solve those problems, depending on their business context, their goals, their priorities, the assets that they have or not have etc.

Their team implements the „prescribed” strategies.


  1. clients usually want to make more (revenue and more profit)
  2. we jump on one or multiple calls where I help them figure out the best ways to do that, based on their business context.
  3. then their team will implement those strategies

Scenario #2:

an illustration suggesting content strategy services from a freelance content strategist

The second thing I do is content strategy.

As a result of our consulting calls, the client gets a playbook that details exactly:

  • What content to create (from written words to audio and video)
  • How to create it at scale
  • Where is the best way to put that content in front of their customers.

„Patrik has an unreal skill to increase business income and wealth by looking at a business context from totally different paradigms.

This helps him uncover hidden, underutilized opportunities, turn an industry „weakness” into assets and assets and maximize the value of underperforming assets and activities.”

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