Patrik Bindea is a 29-year-old marketing consultant and a content strategist that…

Ok, enough talking about myself in the 3rd person. It feels so weird.

an image of Patrik Bindea who is a marketing consultant and a content strategist

Hi and welcome!

I’m Patrik Bindea… and if you want to read my fancy (and quite boring) third-person bio, it’s down below.

But first, let’s chat about how I can help you.

I provide marketing consulting and content strategy for 7 and 8-figure businesses.

This is just a fancy way of saying that I help you figure out:

  • how and where should you promote your business to get the maximum bang for your buck, depending on your business context (marketing consulting)
  • what content to create, how to produce it at scale and where to promote it (content strategy).

You’re probably also interested to see some of the results I had:

I helped this 7-figure SaaS company almost monopolize Google for their niche and generate over $1 million in sales.

an example of content marketing and SEO

(I filtered out the paid acquisition)

an example of content marketing and SEO

Note: the traffic was funnelled to multiple businesses in the same industry (all the products basically competing with each other).

The best part: it was just a common-sense content strategy. But simple ideas are most often the easiest to overlook.

You can copy the same strategy for yourself here.

Another common-sense content strategy led this 8-figure chain of dental clinics to a 10x engagement on social media.

You can copy the same strategy for yourself if you click this link.


Aren’t these results vanity metrics? They could be, yes. 

But, as you’ll read in this detailed case study, the content was part of a larger content strategy. Its purpose was mainly to filter out people who care about their oral health.

Because those are the ones who actually become patients when the will need a dentist.


Patrik, are you a GURU?

a funny illustration suggesting a marketing guru

I don’t have any „hacks” or „secrets”

So I guess I can’t proclaim myself a guru if I lack those, isn’t it?

Most of the strategies you’ll read about in my newsletter (*cough* join here) or blog are just common sense. Because simple always works.

All you need is to have the right frameworks and mental models.


Hmmm, what else about me?

I’m currently visiting Bali, but in between trips, I interview CEOs, CMOs and top executives for my newsletter (have you joined?).

I think it’s one of the best ways to get to know me and you also get a ton of ideas to grow your business from people who have already done it.

Oh, and lastly, I’m currently in the process of starting a podcast. Want to be a guest? Just shoot me a message here.



Name: Patrik Bindea

Age: 29 (1993 – ?)

Location: Born: Bocsa, Romania. Currently in: Bali, Indonesia.

Nationality: Romanian & Hungarian

Occupation: GURU Marketing Consultant & Content Strategist

a drawing suggesting a marketing guru


High School: Lycée Théorique Jean-Louis Calderon (Timisoara, Romania)

University: The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and IT, Timisoara, graduated in 2016 in Telecommunications.

Foods I know to cook: Omelette. For anything else, I’m a disaster in the kitchen.

A couple of the blogs/people I follow that you might find useful:

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  • Avinash Kaushik
  • Nev’s Blog and Copywritingcourse.com
  • Nathan Barry (from Convertkit):
  • Marketoonist
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  • Ben Evans


Fancy 3rd person bio:

„Patrik knows how to maximize results with minimum effort.”

Patrik Bindea is a 29-year-old marketing consultant and an accurate-thinking content strategist that left his corporate job at Continental Automotive to pursue a career in what he loves to do: marketing.

He got a job at the first growth hacking marketing agency in Romania, where he acquired empirical experience in different essential roles, from SEO specialist to content marketer, media buyer, and even account manager.

He then transitioned into the SaaS world where he helped several 7 figures SaaS companies generate over $4 million using only simple, but overlooked common-sense marketing strategies.

He has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses by:
identifying the patterns that limit and restrict business growth
taking different successful concepts and strategies from different industries and adopting them to a particular business.


„Patrik has an unreal skill to increase business income and wealth by looking at a business context from totally different paradigms.

This helps him uncover hidden, underutilized opportunities, turn an industry „weakness” into assets and assets and maximize the value of underperforming assets and activities.”

Want to get customers using content?